Fans Make the Artists World Go Round

As an artist, and by that I mean – Writer, Musician, Painter, Singer – anyone creating a piece for the viewing/listening pleasure of others, you sometimes wonder, Is it all worthwhile? Does anyone notice what I’m trying to do? Does anyone hear the message that I’m conveying?

As we strive for perfection and wrestle with our questioning demons it’s uplifting to get a message from someone explaining How much they appreciate what we’re doing, How we’ve touched their lives in one way or another, How we’ve taken them through hard times and even inspired them to follow in our footsteps. It can be the perfect remedy to beat the blue feelings away.

Its moments like this that just puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart and gives you that spurt of motivation to keep going.

I’m writing this post and thinking of a young girl on twitter @kiddburgos who is a fan of Latin musician James Zavaleta.

Daisy, who herself aspires to become a musician and singer once her studies have ended, wrote a heartfelt tweet to James. In it she talked of how she knew of him before he persued his dream of making music professionally, and how much she admires the man he has become;

“James I hope you read this, I just wanted to let you know how insanely proud I am of you…No matter what always keep up your good, Excellent work and keep your head held up high…keep writing your music because I know you have a great pathway coming towards you.”

This tweet made me smile so much, I just had to share it with everyone and to say that, If this can make me smile – imagine how much it can touch the heart of the artist it’s been written for.

So to all the Daisy’s and fans of artists in the world – your words are appreciated…

Fans Make The Artists World Go Round

Let me know what you think?

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