Lady Leshurr Interview – Part 2

In Part 1 of our interview HERE, Lady Leshurr gave her thoughts on being one of the leading female MCs in the UK, her schooling and career so far. Here, in Part 2, we focus on Leshurr’s latest mixtape and tell you how you can get yourself a FREE SIGNED copy.

MusicVein The ‘2000 and L’ mixtape is wicked! What inspired you to make this one?
Lady Leshurr Well the tracks were chosen by DJ Whoo Kid (50 Cents‘ DJ) and I just sprinkled my voice over them. It was a pleasure to work with such a well-known DJ.
MV Where does your inspiration generally come from?
LL My mother is my motivation, and my inspiration mainly comes from everyday life experiences, relationship issues and other people’s situations. Lil Wayne also really inspires me to think out of the box and be more creative with my music.

MV How long does it take you to write and compose a track?
LL Not long, especially if I’m REALLY feeling the track and it has a vibe. I can only be 100% creative with tracks that I feel has a meaning through sound and try to mirror it with words.

MV Do you find that you work better at a set time of day? I.e. first thing in the morning etc or do you just write whenever the mood takes you?
LL I write the best after midnight, I’d say. Between 3 and 5am is the magical time.

MV What part of the creative process do you enjoy the most – that can be anything from getting inspired to laying down the track or performing the finished song?
LL I enjoy being able to stick to a concept all the way through a song and tell a story. I love writing songs like that because I know people can relate to that so much more than just a track with metaphors and punch-lines.

MV Will you stick with doing Grime and Hip-hop music or will you cross over genres?
LL I do every genre. I was doing Reggae and Drum n Bass from a young age. It’s great to be versatile and experimental – it’s what keeps music exciting. If you only make the same type of music you will eventually get bored and I’m always looking for different sounds and styles that may complement my voice.

MV And finally, What does 2012 have in store for your ‘Shurrporters’ and where can they catch you live?
LL I have the album coming out this year and more exciting merchandise being launched. I have plenty of mixtapes and music videos to come and shows all over the UK. I’m playing at the Wireless Festival on the 7th June and also the Godiva Festival at the end of June.

So, that concludes Rep Dat and Musicvein’s interview with Lady Leshurr but we couldn’t just leave it there without giving two lucky readers a little something!


We have 2 signed copies of Lady Leshurr’s latest mixtape ‘2000 and L’ to give away! All you need to do is Tweet this article to @Music_Vein and @RepDat 2 lucky tweeterswill receive a DM telling them they’ve won so make sure you follow us so we can get in contact with you!

Competition ends at midnight on Sunday 17th June 2012– winners will be notified Monday 18th June 2012


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