Letting Go with Jerome Price

If you’ve been out clubbing recently, chances are you will have been stomping along to the debut single of Jerome Price, the nephew of a certain British soul singing legend, who’s hit ‘Letting Go’ is tearing up the club scene. With a tune you cannot sit down to and good looks that’ll give JLS’s Marvin Hume a run for his money, Rep Dat writer Musicvein tracked down Jerome for a quick chat about his music and background.

Musicvein I’m loving your debut single. It’s uplifting and just perfect for the weekend partying and, as you say, ‘Letting Go’. What was your inspiration for this track?

Jerome Price Well (he smiles), I wrote the song towards the end of my first year in Uni. I was getting bogged down with work and would look forward to the times when my friends and I could go out and enjoy ourselves. Everything I talk about in the song is stuff we would do on an average night out  – even down to the drink we’d choose! Just riding the rollercoaster of life is inspiration enough for anyone I think. I never know when creativity is going to come but I always carry my phone with me so  if I think of a clever line, concept or even an idea for my beat – I can capture that creativity.

MV My sources tell me that you are related to the UK soul singer,  Omar, whose legendary status was awarded with an MBE from The Queen last month. Did this giant of the scene have an influence on your choice of career?

JP Yes, he is my uncle but no, I would definitely be pursuing this as career regardless. The depth of Omar’s success has only recently become more apparent to me, but I’ve always made music and not really known what to do with it. A lot of people in my family are musical and I’m just trying to carve my own path which is why I work hard to do everything myself; the lyrics I write, the concepts, beats and the arrangements so I’m in no way restricted. And because I also produce my own tracks, I don’t have to rely on ‘who I may meet’ to increase the quality of my music. My fate is in my own hands! ‘Letting go’ was the track that actually got me signed with RGS Entertainment [home of Cashtastic and Samson aka Black the Ripper] at the end of last year, after I had a meeting booked with them for my group DSM (formally known as (Dark Shift Movements). I recorded my solo track the day before our meeting; RGS loved it and decided to sign me up as well as DSM! It was crazy and so unexpected for me.

MV So which artists did you admire when growing up and how did their music shape your sound?

JP Craig David (he laughs)! On a serious note though, I watched a documentary on him recently and that guy had mad passion and off-the-scale talent! He’s been able to build an amazing life from music and still hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for it! I’ve always been into hip-hop music too, so I grew up idolising people like 50cent, Scott Storch and Eminem but clichéd as it sounds, I grew up listening to so many genres. In the early days, a lot of beats that I made were almost imitations of my favourite songs – it was all a learning curve. This way I could work out how my favourite producers would construct their beats. I learned a lot that way, the fact that my songs are predominantly rap now can be owed to my early taste in music. There are current artists that I admire too and I’d say the big three are Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran – now these artists may not be top of my personal playlist but they have a genuine love for the art, and that’s what I admire!

MV The three artists you have mentioned all have something unique to offer. What sets you apart from other musicians out there?

JP The fact that I’m such an independent artist. I strive to be the whole package. You see a lot of artists just turn up to the studio, sing what they’re told to sing, and leave. I will never be that artist. I produce, I write and I perform! Not only that but I design my own artwork, website, flyers and even the ‘Letting Go’ T-shirts that are coming out soon. Although I may make commercial and current music right now, I try to stay with my hip-hop roots. Listen carefully to my verses – I put time into constructing the verses with clever rhyme patterns and puns that are hard to come by in commercial music. Now that I have an amazing team at RGS behind me, pushing me all the way – the sky’s the limit!

MV How do you find time to study, write, perform and enjoy your success?

JP It’s hard. I’m currently studying Law at Uni and I find it difficult not to be able to spend all my time doing music. Music is a serious thing for me, so it is hard to give it a back seat when it’s time to study. I don’t feel it would be wise in my current situation to give up on my Law degree because at the end of the day music is a business.

MV And finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

JP To be everything that I can be, I want to be successful at my passion and just make good music that people will enjoy!Catch Jerome Price live at the Citadel Arts Centre, Merseyside on 20th July. For further dates and information visit www.jeromeprice.co.uk

Jerome’s current single can be downloaded from iTunes but if you would like to get your hands on a precious ‘Signed’ copy, courtesy of Rep Dat and Musicvein check out the competition below.


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Competition ends at midnight on Sunday 15th July 2012 – winners will be notified on Monday 16th July 2012


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