Kat & Co – I Kat The Blues

Kat & Co album cover‘I Kat The Blues’ is the brilliant debut album by Kat & Co.

I love the album’s opener ‘New Spleen Blues’ a dark and moody track with its melodious organ flowing through. ‘Paying My Dues’ is a kick-ass tune featuring the great Mud Morganfield, one which will have every woman rolling up their sleeves and kicking their men into touch! ‘Iron Rose’ is another album favorite and ‘Your Own Sweet Way’ which was composed by Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler OBE – really highlights Kat’s vocals and the gelling of the group.

Kat & Co are made up of singer Kathleen Pearson – a former Columbia recording artist who’s shared the stage with a great number of musicians including Lulu, Jason Robello, Deitra Farr and Lil Jimmy Reed who also appears on the album – Francesco Accurso, guitarist/producer and the BAFTA award winning animator Federico Parodi, who plays piano. Incidentally Federico is currently working on the band’s first animated video for their single ‘New Spleen Blues’ – one which I can’t wait to see.

‘I Kat The Blues’ contains all the ingredients you’d expect from a blues-rock album – stories of struggle, lost love and tough loving – Kat delivering each song with her own unique gutsy style against the backdrop of electric guitars, harmonica’s and organs. With its cool Sixties style, this album would sit perfect in any Tarantino movie and the Top 10 Blues albums of 2013.

For more information on Kat & Co visit their website


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