Italian Renaissance

The Italian RenaissanceWhen we think of Italy it’s hard not to mention the word Passion, for Italian people are passionate in just about everything!

Well known for being leaders in Art, Fashion, Food, Football and keepers of Traditional Values, it seems they are born with the emotion surging through their veins.

But what I’ve noticed recently is the Italian Renaissance, and I’m not talking about the 14th Century period! It’s the revival of Soul music to the world and it’s coming out of Italy.

A growing trend of musicians are moving away from making Italian-pop music and instead tapping into the sounds of pioneers like Miles Davis, Earth Wind & Fire, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder. Unearthing the underground sounds of Jazz, Funk, RnB and Soul from distant shores and mixing it with fresh ideas to present an ear-cleansing dish of music.

For so long the American’s dominated the RnB market, producing a mass of memorable hits but now that once identifiable sound of real instrument rhythm sections and songs with meaning, has been lost with its dilution in Dance, Trance and Pop music, more emphasis being in the creation of a good hook than the song as a whole – a sad time indeed.

This is where the Italians come in, instead of being interested in quick-cash and their five minutes of fame, we have artists honing their craft and producing some of the best Soul, RnB and Funk music around today. Camera Soul – A funk band from Bari, Italy, Luca DimoonJazz/Neo-Soul Singer and Producer from Milan, VahimitiSoul songstress releasing her debut album this year and who can forget Mario Biondi – the cool Italian Jazz cat taking the UK by storm.

These artists have spent years studying music, experimenting with sounds and working hard to establish themselves in a genre that’s losing its identity. Listeners are catching on to the revival and rediscovering their love of ‘Real Music’ – evoking memories of a time gone by. Radio hosts are giving their listeners what they want by playing these artists and these artists in turn are paving the way for a new breed.

American artists may have turned their back on RnB but the Italian renaissance is here, the phenomena has begun and I’m on a journey to seek out more.

Camera Soul:

Luca Dimoon:


Mario Biondi:

Let me know what you think?

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