Kimberly Anne at NCS Yes Live Interview

Kimberly Ann at NCS Yes Live
Kimberly Ann at NCS Yes Live

Posts this week have focused on the NCS charity and free gig they put on last weekend to reward 16 to 18 year olds who had taken part in their mentoring programme.

The gig held at the O2 Brixton Academy was attended by 4000 teens who had won a ticket by voting in a Poll to find the most inspirational people to teens. Among the winners were Tom Daley and Tinie Tempah who thanked everyone via a video link.

Musicvein was there backstage to catch the artists in between sets and find out just what they thought of the NCS project beside other things.

Tuesday’s interview was with Olivia Sebastianelli, while Wednesday I reported an exclusive about Joel Compass working with Rita Ora. Today’s interview is with Kimberly Anne.


MV: Tell me Kimberly how do you find inspiration for your music?

KA: “Oh everything and I mean everything, from the 176 bus to Penge (London) to relationships, my parents, chatting to friends even watching Eastenders! I just absorb it all like a sponge. Growing up I was really inspired by artists like Billie Holiday, Tracy Chapman and Paul Simon, plus a lot of west African artists. I went over to Gambia, West Africa earlier this year and learned that when it comes to music there is no real structures, there’s no right or wrong and it’s all about the emotions and the story you’re telling. I think in the west we get caught up on perfection we just don’t remember why we got into music in the first place, so that in itself has been inspiring to me.”

MV: Awesome, so what was it about NCS that made you want to get involved?

KA: “Well basically the thing that funded my music before I was a singer full time was youth projects and I really wanted to give something back by supporting other people to realize their full potential. I know it sounds cheesy but a lot of the time the media really put young people down and make things sound all doom and gloom. It’s really nice to have an organisation like NCS encouraging youngsters and saying you can be a self-starter, you can go out and achieve what you want, you just need to believe in yourself.”

MV: So how would you encourage teens with low self-esteem issues to feel good about themselves?

KA:“I’d say, use the negative and turn it into a positive. So if someone underestimates you, use that as a positive. Use the negative as a reason to get out of bed earlier than anyone else, be the first to arrive, the last to leave and don’t complain – you’ll get somewhere.”

MV: And what would you say to youngsters thinking of entering the music business as a career?

KA: “It’s not an immediate success, it’s not an immediate load of money. It is a lot of hard work and a lot of doing things for no thanks and also for free – but if you really want it, you will last and people will know you are serious. However if you want to get into music for the wrong reasons i.e get rich quick, just become a banker – trust me it will be quicker.”

MV: Oh man that’s where I went wrong 😦 Oh well I get to meet great artists like yourself! So tell me about your new EP?

KA: “It’s called ‘Hard As Hello’ and will be out later this month – 24th March. The new single has just been remixed by Bastille which I am really happy about! I did a little remix video for them so that was really cool. I’m going to be playing a gig the day after the album release in London, it’s free so everyone should come down!”

MV: Cool, I think I will. And finally, tell me what 2014 has in store for you?

KA: “I am just going to gig myself silly by touring the country, promoting the hell out of this album and releasing new stuff – I won’t be resting!”

And with that she bounced off to get ready for her set, wow that girl can chat! Tomorrow’s final interview comes from the NCS 2014 Most Inspirational in Music winner – Nina Nesbitt.

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