Sex and Love – Enrique Iglesias

DSC06024This might be Enrique Iglesias‘ 10th album but the Latin Prince of pop shows no signs of slowing down in releasing another banging album entitled ‘Sex and Love‘.

Over the years Enrique’s sound has moved over several styles, his first 3 albums ‘Enrique Iglesias‘, ‘Vivir‘ and ‘Cosas Del Amor‘ contained Spanish Ballads, while album number 4 ‘Enrique‘ was his English speaking debut and the one that brought the Latin heat into the charts and hearts of people worldwide – churning out hits like ‘Bailamos’, ‘Rhythm Divine’ and of course the awesome ‘Could I have this Kiss Forever’ with Whitney Houston.

Escape‘ saw Enrique cement his footing in the world of pop and took the ‘Latin Prince’ crown when he released ‘Hero’ – who could forget that tear-jerking video quickly followed up with the raunchy one for ‘Escape’. But it was his 6th offering ‘Quizas‘ (4th Spanish album) that won a Latin Grammy Award and is still my favorite album of his to date.

By the time we reach ‘Insomniac‘, gone are the safe ‘love’ albums with songs that you could play to your nan and enter the more risque world where sex becomes ever more prominent (lyrical content & video) and you also start to hear the move into the realms of dance music i.e. ‘Tired of Being Sorry‘ – the transition being completed by album number 9 ‘Euphoria‘.

So what of ‘Sex and Love‘? well it’s basically a special blend of everything that Enrique Iglesias has produced over the last 19 years and contains an element that every Enrique fan gained along the way will love.

Sex and Love‘ launches into a heavy dance track ‘I’m a Freak‘ featuring Pitbull, one guaranteed to get everyone onto the dance floor, fist-pumping and jumping around. ‘There Goes My Baby‘ sounds like the summer RnB pop anthem of 2014 featuring Flo Rida – this offering being much better than Enrique’s earlier attempt at RnB back in 1997, remember ‘Lluvia Cae‘?.

However my iPod always seems to get stuck on the reggaeton flavored ‘Bailando‘ featuring Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona. I love the lyrical content which loosely translates to a couple drinking beer and tequila, dancing around and the guy getting all hot under the collar. “Bailando, bailando, tú cuerpo y el mío…ese fuego por dentro me está enloqueciendo…Con tu física y tu química también tu anatomía…y ya no puedo más” (dancing, dancing, your body and mine…this fire inside is driving me crazy…your physical chemistry and anatomy…I can’t take anymore)  – I know this one will be a firm favorite in Zumba classes worldwide and is also my prediction for a No.1 single – you heard it here first!

No Enrique album would be complete without a duet (or video) containing a beautiful leading lady and Enrique has certainly had his pick of the best – Whitney, Ciara, Kelis and now Kylie Minogue with song ‘Beautiful‘ and also one of my favorite female singers Jennifer Lopez in the heart-racing track ‘Physical‘.

Other songs to look out for are ‘El Perdedor‘ (The Loser) in which he collaborates with his hero Marco Antonio Solis, “That guy is someone I look up to and admire so much, I’ve wanted to do something with him forever but it was never the right time or moment…” comments Enrique, and also ‘Loco‘ (Crazy) in which Romeo Santos brings his Bachata style – a marriage of dulcet tones that I’ve been waiting a lifetime for! Last but not least ‘Only A Woman‘ showcases Enrique’s real strength in producing those heart-melting ballads and spelling out just what a romantic he is.

In my opinion even after 10 albums Enrique Iglesias is still at the top of his game and I feel we have plenty more to come – bring on the ‘Sex and Love‘ UK tour!

I’ll leave you with ‘Bailando‘ the best song on the album


Let me know what you think?

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