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Musicvein Entertainment

The New Equisite Night Out


Musicvein Entertainment is the new exquisite night out for people in Leicestershire, Rutland and the surrounding area.

Jessica Biggs, founder of the company says “I’ve been a music journalist for the past 3 years originally as a hobby and run the blog Musicvein. In that short space of time, I’ve met some truly amazing artists who may not be topping the music charts now – due to the market bring saturated with those artists who are ‘saleable’ and have label backings – but these artists are ready to break through, they just need more outlets. I’ve been writing for so long that this next step just seemed like the natural progression, to have a venue where people can listen to the artists who I’ve been shouting about!

Jazz, Latin, Soul and Blues clubs are the run of the mill in cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester but Leicestershire is different and I wanted to bring a bit of the big city to us.

I’m talking artists like Juliette Ashby, one of my favorite Neo Soul artists from London whose best friend was the late Amy WinehouseMelissa James, a top London Jazz/Blues singer, Tipitina, the UK’s best New Orleans style Blues group and Daniel De Bourg – a former X Factor finalist who’s become a You Tube sensation! There are also many many more who I’m working with and can’t wait to share this exciting news with you.”

The first Musicvein Entertainment shows start in September 2014 at 2 venues Jessica is closely working with; 15 Free Lane – a superb cocktail bar in the heart of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter and L’Oliveto, an award winning restaurant in the beautiful and picturesque village of Normanton, Rutland, overlooking stunning views of Rutland Water.

For more information on events visit
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