4 Years Gone But Never Forgotten – RIP Amy Winehouse

Where were you July 23rd 2011? I remember being at home and hearing the awful news confirmed about the passing of Amy Winehouse.

For me and millions of others, a huge light went out in the music industry that day. With so much to more to give to the music industry it was a shocking and sad day. In a way I had always hoped that talented singer Amy Winehouse would have found her way out of the devils clutch and get better but alas it wasn’t to be.

Instead Amy left behind a legacy of music which can relate to any mood you’re in; in the mood to cuss out another woman – listen to ‘F@ck Me Pumps’, your man’s a bit of a wet lettuce – ‘Stronger Than Me’, feeling down about a relationship – ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ and if your the other woman…well there’s ‘Just Friends’!!!

There’s not only her music though that can help people, Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse set up The Amy Winehouse Foundation in September 2011, aiming to help those suffering with addiction by informing, supporting and aspiring them to lead better lives.

So today I’m not going to dwell on the sad times but spend the day listening to all the great songs Amy wrote and if you haven’t yet visited the cinema to watch Amy book your tickets this weekend!

Let me know what you think?

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