New Single: Gregory Porter – Don’t Lose Your Steam

Gregory Porter 2016_low

Jazz and Soul singer Gregory Porter released new single ‘Don’t Lose Your Steam’ today a song of encouragement to his 3 year old son Demyan.

Speaking exclusively to Chris Evans on his Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Gregory talked about his inspiration for writing the song.

“I write when I’m on planes, trains and automobiles” be began “in a way when I’m away from the people I love, my family, my son, I think about the energy, that twinge of pain that happens from being away from them. So I think of them, consider them, always think about mother, the places that I love, inspiration from places that I visit – all of that comes into my music. This song (Don’t Lose Your Steam) is about my son, the energy and legacy that I want to give him to have him carry on throughout his life – Don’t lose your steam boy! Don’t lose your steam!” he ends in laughter.

Gregory Porter will be touring the UK from April, with new album ‘Take Me To The Alley’ being released on May 6th (the birthday of his dearly departed mother).



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