Francesca Romana Announces New Album ‘Wind and Waves’


Italian independent artist Francesca Romana has announced today that her new album ‘Wind and Waves’ will be available later this year!

Following on from her sassy previous offering ‘So Close To You’ I’m eager to hear what the ever progressing and diversifying artist has to offer.

If you can’t wait until later on in the year to hear Francesca’s music, she has released 2 songs which are available for immediate download from her website – ‘Perfect Time’ (something a little different from her usual style) and ‘Onda Di Mare’ (an Italian folk bossa song).

To get behind Francesca Romana and help to fund her up-coming project, the 2 singles ‘Perfect Time’ and ‘Onda Di Mare’ can be purchased from her site for €1 each (or 89p)


Let me know what you think?

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