Imelda May – Black Tears


‘Black Tears’ the second single to be released from Imelda May‘s new album ‘Life. Love. Flesh. Blood’, out 7th April 2017, debuted last week, with a black and white video shot at the iconic Maida Vale Studios, London.

Giving a gentle nod to Patsy Cline‘s ‘Crazy’, the somber and tearful ‘Black Tears’ full of woe gives listeners a glimpse at the troubled journey Imelda’s been through since her last album in 2014 and subsequent breakup of her 18 year marriage.

“I wrote ‘Black Tears’ with Angelo Petraglia after a heart-wrenchingly difficult goodbye.” Imelda explains “I closed my door and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror with black tears rolling down my face…Angelo had a beautiful guitar piece that fit the mood perfectly.”

Black Tears is available for download on iTunes now

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