Musicvein Entertainment Partners with Compound Audio

MV & Comp Audio collab

Musicvein Entertainment is pleased to announce a new working partnership with Mastering House, Compound Audio.

It’s a tough industry, Music, knowing just where to go to have your music professionally Mixed/Mastered can be a minefield. Although a quick google search will bring up a huge list of places – 1) Can you vouch for them? and 2) Can you afford them?

“As a music journalist I understand the struggles that independent artists go up against in finding an affordable and trustworthy place – that’s why I’ve teamed up with Dean aka Dapz at Compound Audio to bring you a service you can afford, trust and appreciate.” – Jessica aka Musicvein™

With over 20 years experience in working with the creme de la creme of the music business, Dapz has worked on music for Snoop Dogg, Charlotte Devaney, Skepta and more.

Now you too can have that special touch added to your music, taking it from a great to exceptional piece of work! Contact Musicvein™ Entertainment today to find out how we can help you attract the right ears for your music with Compound Audio‘s services.

Email for more information on prices and to take advantage of this very special introductory offer.

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