Dimoon Rising Creates Social Consciousness with New Version of Stylistics Hit


When I first started out as Musicvein back in 2012, my very first post was about Soul singer/songwriter Luca Dimoon who was in the process of compiling his second album.

Fast forward to 2017 and after much waiting for Dimoon rise, fans are awash with a spring tide of brand new music in album Telescope.

Through emotional intelligence, Luca explores the realms of social awareness. One such track taken from the album is a remake of The Stylistics hit song – ‘People Make The World Go Round’. Luca had recorded his jazzy, drum and bass version 6 years ago – however this timeless gem, originally recorded in 1971 is as much significant today as it was then.

The video accompanying the track was shot over several locations Luca visited in his quest to cast a moonbeam on the fact that no matter what culture we are from, what religion we believe in, what we do for a living – we are all similar with the same struggles forced upon us through political regime but – through expressions in music and dance, we can come together as one brotherhood.


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