Review: Near You by Courtney Marie Andrews


‘Near You’ is the latest single to be released by rising folk star Courtney Marie Andrews, whose album ‘Honest Life’ received huge praise around the UK upon its release earlier this year. Everyone from Jools Holland to the The Guardian, Sunday Times and Evening Standard newspapers were raving about the Arizona songstress.

‘Near You’ is an emotional piece, sweet, innocent and nostalgic. Courtney has a great knack of weaving a story that makes the listener feel like they are watching a reenactment rather than listening to a song – such is the great craft of her songwriting.

It’s a song of love at first sight encounters, wanting to be with a mysterious person who may not feel 100% the way you do. The yearning of the song is evident in Courtney’s sweet voice as she sings “…I’m not asking for the moon or even the whole truth…you can have eyes for anyone in the room…I just want to be near you.” The whole immaturity of feelings and the exasperation felt at unrequited love presents itself as she pours her heart out like an angered drunk “…I was ready to rip that ticket up…throw it in the street…drive your damn car back in the mud…” anything to be noticed and have affection again. The song ends with Courtney’s “Just want to be near you” fervour.

‘Near You’  another great song by Courtney Marie Andrews is out now to buy.

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