Album Review: Gravity by Matt Bianco

Matt Bianco by Mariagrazia Giove

Like the finest aged cognac Matt Bianco‘s music has developed an air of elegance and superiority evident in the band’s new album ‘Gravity’.

Encompassing a heavyweight rhythm ensemble, individually noted for backing up artists like Natalie Cole, Jamie Cullum, George Benson, Sting and Jamiroquai‘Gravity’ is the jazz renaissance album we’ve been waiting for.

Opening with a cool horn section which quite literally takes you off on a ‘Joyride’ with Agent Bianco at the wheel (the band name was created in homage to 60’s spy movies) it’s hard not to imagine speeding along country lanes, the wind whipping through your hair, in a classic 60’s MGB.

No album of Matt Bianco‘s would be complete without a Don Juan of a song which we hear in ‘Heart In Chains’. This beautiful down tempo track features Elisabeth Troy (vocalist with MJ Cole and Clean Bandit) who joins the smooth and pulse racing tones of Mark Reilly.

Jazz cats will love the finger-snapping ‘Gravity’, ‘Am/Pm’ and the toe-tapping ‘Summer In The City’ – while a firm favorite for me was the Latin rhythms of Matt Bianco we so truly love, and find in the aptly named ‘Paradise’ as well as ‘Before It’s Too Late’.

If you’re looking for an album to warm the soul as Autumn evenings draw in, Gravity by Matt Bianco couldn’t be more perfect.


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