Can Science Create The Perfect Christmas Song?

London Choir

‘Love’s Not Just For Christmas’ is the GM product of musicologists, choirs, musicians and composers to create what they believe to be the happiest Christmas song ever.

Working with Intu to bring festive joy to shoppers in their malls, the 3 minute song performed by the London Community Gospel Choir will be played in the run up to Christmas.

After analysing over 250 Christmas songs, the finished product is surprisingly good!

It has the jingling sleigh bells, choir harmonies, dramatic breaks so you can catch your breath and belt out the chorus – it’s a happy song and does what it says on the tin. But can it really be deemed the happiest Christmas song ever? In Musicvein‘s opinion, No.

Without a doubt, up against many of the songs which have been a Christmas number one, this one would beat quite a few of them – but what makes any song the best ever is always down to personal taste and I have a feeling that this one will be too sickly sweet for people to stomach.

Have a listen and let me know what you think



Let me know what you think?

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