100 Songs 100 Days: Day 2 – Pink Floyd


Music Challenge Day 2: Pink Floyd – Echoes

I have to credit my mum and her ex-partner for introducing me to the music of Floyd.

As a kid in the 80’s, I didn’t appreciate it – it wasn’t Michael Jackson, it wasn’t Madonna, Wham or New Kids on The Block – it just wasn’t cool!

Only in my mid to late teens exploring a range of music, did I start to appreciate just what messages Pink Floyd were conveying.

The track ‘Echoes’ is over 23 minutes of music that lifts the mind, makes your heart race in places and makes you think. There are so many elements to this song that excites me, the sonar at the beginning, the gradual increase of the instruments, poetic verses then the eventual fade into other worldly sounds – was that whale song or the call of a siren?

‘Echoes’, the B-side track of the album Meddle is one that you must listen to if you’ve never heard it.

Let me know what you think?

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