100 Songs 100 Days: Day 3 – Zak Abel


Zak Abel say sumthin

Music Challenge Day 3: Zak Abel – Say Sumthin

Zak Abel is an artist that really really excites me. I came across him after the release of his EP ‘One Hand on The Future’ back in 2015 and was immediately blown away by his talent, voice and music compositions.

Listening to him I thought he’d be around 30 in age – I hadn’t seen Zak, only listened to the tracks of the EP. They had an 80’s feel to them, somewhere between Billy Ocean and Lionel Ritchie. I was shocked to learn he was only around 20 at the time and in that realization came my sheer respect and admiration for Zak Abel and who he will eventually become – a great singer and songwriter treading in the footsteps of Nina Simone, George Michael, Stevie Wonder and the likes.

‘Say Sumthin’ from the EP ‘One Hand on The Future’, has a distinctive intro and one that will become easily recognizable in the future – remember MJ‘s intro’s to ‘Bad’ and ‘Rock With You’? ‘Say Sumthin’ has that ability to hook you instantly with the beat, then as Zak’s voice comes in with a slight rasp – it’s hands up and time to get on down!

Let me know what you think?

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