The Elton John Charitable Trust Benefits from John Lewis Christmas Ad

elton johnThe hotly anticipated release of the Christmas John Lewis Ad features global superstar Sir Elton John.

Throughout the years John Lewis has become renowned for leading the way in Christmas Marketing Ad Campaigns, however this year the company turned it’s back on the traditional approach and opted for a message on thoughtful giving featuring Sir Elton John.

The campaign, a biopic of Elton‘s life sees him peforming classic hit ‘Your Song’ while watching his life play-out in reverse to the day he received his first piano.

Earlier this year rumours circulated that Sir Elton was paid £5m for the ad, however John Lewis have refuted this claim, stating that the figure was inaccurate but that the amount paid was broadly similar to that spent in previous campaigns – what we do know is that John Lewis is reported to spend in the region of £7m on each campaign!

While it isn’t known for sure how much Sir Elton was paid to appear in the mini biopic, it is known that a portion of his fee was donated to the Elton John Charitable Trust – which to date has helped over 90 charities for a range of causes outside of HIV/AIDS

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