10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 3 – Carole King Vs Neil Sedaka

Over the last few days Musicvein has been looking back over the songs that created a rumbling in the charts between artists.

We’ve heard of Frankee vs Eamon and Bo Diddley vs Muddy Waters – today on Cupid’s day we look at the yearning of Neil Sedaka on ‘Oh Carol’.

Said to be written about his past high-school sweetheart Carole King, ‘Oh Carol’ reached international heights in 1959. “…There will never be another, ‘Cause I love you so…” he sings.

As the song struck the hearts of Carol’s around the globe and reached the ears of Mrs King – her husband quickly wrote the reply lyrics for Carole to repay.

In the response titled ‘Oh Neil’released in 1960, King sarcastically sings about her romance with Sedaka “Oh Neil, I loved you for so long…I never hoped that you’d remember me…”

The tongue in cheek song by Carole King wasn’t a major hit but still made people smile. In this case, I think Sedaka wins the round.

Who takes the round for you? Keep your eyes peeled for Round 4 tomorrow on Musicvein.

Let me know what you think?

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