Review: Madonna Finds Her La Isla Bonita in Medellin

If La Isla Bonita is where the tale begins, 33 years later we hear the update from Madonna as Madame X in Medellin.

Noting similarities between the Queen of pop’s 1986 hit, in which the video shows a young and naive Madonna in catholic prayer wishing to run away to fictitious San Pedro, then writhing around in a flamenco fashion garbs – we skip forward to where she find herself living life as Madame X and mixed up with the cartel in Medellin, Colombia.

‘Medellin’ begins with Madonna again in prayer, “Dear God how could I trust anyone after years of disappointment and betrayal? How could I not want to run away again? Escape…” before the music drops into Reggaeton rhythms and she’s joined by Colombian heart-throb Maluma.

The eagle-eyed Madonna fan will notice how she cleverly pays homage to the most significant moments of her musical life within the comeback video Medellin.

Firstly we see Madonna as Madame X but nodding to ‘Erotica’ which was the lead single for her 1992, 5th Studio album of the same name. As the video continues Madonna dances around in a white wedding dress donning a cowboy hat, paying homage to both ‘Like a Virgin’ – the first single from her second studio album of the same name in 1984 and also ‘Music’, another lead single from an album of the same name in 2000.

It’s amazing how Madonna can take time out then re-emerge and fit in with the current flow of music, never fighting the current trends but releasing the type of hit that will leave a lasting mark in musical history.

Oh Hail the Queen of Pop Madonna!


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      Regarding you question of clearing my head to write, I have many different ways but one of my favourite things to do is go for a walk in a park or some woods by a stream/river and take in nature.
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