Hector Mario ft Alejandro Irizarry – Se Parece a ti

What’s not to love about this Reggae summer jam by Hector Mario and Alejandro Irizarry.

The video shot on the beautiful west coast of Puerto Rico (Playa Jobos) works in harmony with this song of unrequited love.

Musicvein caught up Hector and Alejandro (childhood friends) about their collaboration.

Musicvein: Hector! What a great debut single, I love the reggae vibe, tell me more about the song?

HM: “The tune is about a girl that I liked but she wasn’t into me. This tune is special because not only did I work with my great friend Alejandro, but he gave the track a pop flavour that it was missing.”

Musicvein: Ah man, nothing worse that unrequited love, well it’s her loss! So tell me how long have you been writing and performing?

HM: “Since early 2000, I started off doing Bossa Nova and working with other bands but this is my first solo single.”

Musicvein: And I love it. Alejandro tell me how you and Hector began collaborating?

AI: “Well we’ve been friends since childhood, we did everything together – played baseball, went to the same music school and studied Civil Engineering at the same University! It made sense that we would work on his first single together too.”

Musicvein: Right I see, so that’s why you shot the video in Puerto Rico where you grew up?

AI: “Yeah, the video was shot right where we grew up – if you notice the beginning of the video when I’m being picked up, that’s actually my parents house where I grew up too!”

Musicvein: Oh wow that must have brought back some memories for you both

AI: “Yes, I was very excited to be back in my hometown, filming, working on the song and showing everybody just how beautiful Puerto Rico is, especially the west side where we’re from.”

Musicvein: Now Alejandro, this is the first time I’ve heard you performing almost like a rap in a single, is this something you will be exploring more?

AI: “It is a similar style to rap and no, I’ve never performed like this in music I’ve recorded but I would like to continue mixing all these styles.”

Musicvein: Hector, tell me what inspires you to create music?

HM: “Life itself really, things I have experienced and dreams – dreams of the things I want to experience.”

Musicvein: So now that you’ve started I hope we can hear more from you!

HM: “Of course! I’m working on more music right now and Musicvein will be first to hear of my next single!”

You can follow Hector Mario and Alejandro Irizarry on:

Hector Mario: Instagram | Youtube

Alejandro Irizarry: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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