Famous by Djinn

‘Famous’ the new single by French musician Djinn.

Musicvein was first introduced to Raphaël Hiribarne aka Djinn, a few years back while he was in the group And This is Max.

Since departing, he’s travelled, re-tuned his guitar and delivered this soulful delight which tells his truth.

‘Famous’ comes from Djinn opening up about his experience with TV show The Voice. Show execs asked him twice to appear on the show, however when reading the pre-show contract, Djinn realized that the show may only stifle his future creativity.

“I want to keep it real. I want my art to be true. Yes I do want to make some money like everyone else, but that is not the reason why I wake up everyday”.

‘Famous’ by Djinn is out now

Let me know what you think?

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