Royal Mint Launch New ‘Music Legends Collection’ Featuring Queen

The Royal Mint have today launched a new collection of coins entitled Music Legends – the first artists in this range being British Rock Legends Queen.

Designed by Royal Mint Product Manager, Chris Facey, the £5 coins features elements of the bands iconic instruments. Freddie Mercury‘s grand piano – ‘The Bechstein™’ (which shows the opening chords of Bohemian Rhapsody), John Deacon‘s Fender Precision Bass™, Brian May‘s Special Red Guitar he built as a teen from a 200-year-old fireplace and Roger Taylor‘s Ludwig™ bass drum which is decorated with the Queen crest. Finishing off the design is the Queen logo underscored by Freddie‘s iconic microphone stick.

Speaking of the design Chris says; “My parents were Queen fans and I remember hearing their songs on the radio, but it was watching Wayne’s World for the first time that really switched me onto the band…you realise what a great song Bohemian Rhapsody is…”

“When I was researching the band for my coin design what I was struck by was this sense of musical democracy. All four members of the classic line-up were equals and they all contributed to the writing process…To reflect this sense of balance between then I created a design that featured each of their iconic instruments…”

The £5 Uncirculated coin, ranging from £13-15, comes in four sleeve designs – 3 of which are limited to a run of 25,000.

The Queen Music Legends £5 Coin is available to order now via The Royal Mint.

Let me know what you think?

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