Ronan Keating & Clare Bowen ‘Love Will Remain’

This Friday 24th July finally sees the release of Ronan Keating’s brand new album ‘Twenty Twenty’.

Originally set for release at the beginning of May, the album release date was pushed back by unexpected global events.

Now with the date neigh, Ronan has released a little teaser in ‘Love Will Remain’ featuring much loved Nashville star and singer Clare Bowen.

Speaking of the collaboration, Ronan said  “The song was hands down a duet from the minute it was written. My wife Storm and I love the TV series Nashville and I thought that Clare Bowen who plays one of the leads in the show would be a perfect fit for this track. We had chatted a bit on social media about collaborating, and then I realised that this was the song for her! She has a wonderfully fresh tone to her voice with a Dolly Parton-esque tweak, which was exactly what I wanted for the song.”

Let me know what you think?

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