The Holloways announce mini UK Tour in 2022

The Holloways; Alfie and Bryn

London indie band The Holloways have just announced a six-date UK Tour kicking of in Glasgow 2022! And of course Musicvein had to get the scoop on Bryn and Alfie’s come-back.

Musicvein: Wow guys talk to me! Why have you decided to put this show together now?

Bryn: Covid times really highlighted to us how much gigs and music mean, not only to us but to fans. We wanted to bring the good times back with some intimate shows for those music starved people out there and that included us!

Alfie: Doing shows is something we’ve never been against and there were plans to do a tour in 2020 with The Futureheads and Reverend and the Makers. We also had scheduled a few festivals this year but coronavirus is a b****.

Musicvein: Urgh sucks right now that shows are still being cancelled considering vaccination take up etc. Anyway I digress – tell me what it means to you to return?

Alfie: Doesn’t feel too crazy as The Holloways was never really gone for me, even though we haven’t played for a few years.

Bryn: Yeah, we’ve always loved playing live and making music so it seems natural to play live.

Alfie: And obviously very exciting to go back to the cities where we had so many great nights!

Musicvein: Ah yeah I hear you and I’m looking forward to catching you at one of the shows! So what’s in the future for you guys as The Holloways?

Alfie: Hopefully some festivals next year and a bigger tour.

Bryn: The future for us is open, we never stopped writing new music and wanting to tour and get the music out, however we are taking it one step at a time and enjoying every one!

So there you have it a six-date tour, and new music on the horizon!

Tickets to shows go on sale Friday 15th October and are available via The Holloways

Let me know what you think?

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