Teddy Pendergrass Movie in Cinemas Nationwide

Teddy Pendergrass the documentary will premiere in the UK at the BFI, London on 19th February, before a national release at selected UK cinemas on 21st February. Film director Olivia Lichtenstein will host a Q&A session directly after the BFI screening alongside Teddy’s former drummer, James Carter and his keyboard player, Cecil Du Valle.  A compelling tale with... Continue Reading →

10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 4 – Sporty Thieves Vs TLC

Back in the 90's with Girl Power on the rise, female singers had ordinary ladies singing about respect, owning their lives and taking no rubbish when it came to men. Enter American girl group TLC with their 3rd album Fanmail (1999) and single 'No Scrubs'. The song of female dominance, not having anything to do... Continue Reading →

10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 2 – Bo Diddley Vs Muddy Waters

Over the next 9 days Musicvein will be delving into song controversy -looking back at the artists who responded to the songs of other musicians and how it all went down. Long before Frankee and Eamon started trading blows on the same piece of music, artists in the 50's were also spraying spittle on each... Continue Reading →

Ólafur Arnalds Releases New Single: Ekki Hugsa

BAFTA-winning artist, composer, musician and producer Ólafur Arnalds released the new music video for his latest single ‘ekki hugsa’ on Friday 8th February. Filmed in his native Iceland, the title of the new release translates as ‘don’t think’, and features uplifting synthesized melodies combined with acoustic cello hooks, resulting in Ólafur’s distinctive, multi-layered sound. "The video is about not overthinking and getting... Continue Reading →

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