Shards & Isolation Choir – ‘Inside I’ll Sing’ for Help Musicians

London based vocal ensemble Shards have released new song ‘Inside I’ll Sing’ together with Isolation Choir.

Shards lead singer, composer and producer Kieran Brunt created the song as UK lockdown began. Expressing feelings of uncertainty that all workers face – musicians in particular – he poured his emotions out in this pensive piece.

Calling out to his musical circle, Kieran set about the finishing touches to the isolation piece, hence the birth of the Isolation Choir featuring; Joe Newman, Hatis Noit, JFDR, Ana Silvera, Anna Meredith, Douglas Dare, Fiona Jane Burgess, Gabriella Swallow,William Doyle, Jonathan Donahue, Luke Howard, Matt Huxley, Red Moon, Sin Fang, Tendertwin.

“I reached out to musician friends in the UK and abroad to see if they would lend their voices to an ‘Isolation Choir’, and was overwhelmed by the positivity and enthusiasm that everyone responded with. Like me, many needed a distraction from current events and valued just being given a simple task to do. I recorded a demo of the song and sent out instructions on how to record at home with whatever means were available.”Kieran Brunt

The sobering video visuals accompanying the song came from Director and singer Fiona Jane Burgess, perfectly capturing the yearning, loneliness and caged feelings of isolation.

All proceeds from ‘Inside I’ll Sing’ will be donated to Help Musicians. Inside I’ll Sing is available now to stream or download

Inside I’ll Sing Lyrics by Shards & Isolation Choir

With my heavy heart, I raise my chin
As I see my numbers wearing thin
The sky hangs low and the light burns dim
I know not if I sink or swim

We know not yet what the future brings
But a bird’s still a bird without its wings
Each day, each day is a curious thing
If I can’t take flight, then inside I’ll sing

[Verse 2]
My mind is clogged, my chest clings tight
Young faces turn to me in fright
With no clear ending now in sight
I hold my children close at night

We know not yet what the future brings
But a bird’s still a bird without its wings
Each day, each day is a curious thing
If I can’t take flight, then inside I’ll sing

Behind closed doors, my spirit wanes
Still the sun shines bright through the windowpane
And my voice rides high though my heart is strained
While my hopes run dry, my strength remains


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