Last week Musicvein reviewed the single ‘Mad’ by El’Tee featuring ‘Temple’. Intrigued to find out more about the ex X Factor contestant, Musicvein tracked him down for an interview.
Here’s what 21 year old Luke Thompson aka El’Tee had to say.

There’s something intriguing about the music created by London trio Iron Islands, that Musicvein had to catch up with Martin Andrew of the band to find out more. MV: Tell us more about Iron Islands, How did it all begin for you guys? II: “I met Al (bass player) around 12/13 years ago as he played in […]

Chloe Ray, in today’s final installment of discussing the inspirations behind her songs, talks of her struggles with PTSD last year which led to her penning ‘Not Giving Up’. MV: Chloe, ‘Not Giving Up’ has to be one of my faves from ‘Reprise’. I love the strong Irish feel and the conviction felt in this […]

This week London musician Chloe Ray gives Musicvein readers the background stories to her songs on new EP ‘Reprise’. Yesterday we heard of her ode to great musicians of the past in her track ‘The Bitter End’ and today we learn more about ‘A Long Time Ago’. MV: The 2nd track on your album, A […]