Megzz A Catalyst For Change

Megzz A Catalyst For Change

She may only have started taking music seriously four years ago, but between her care work, University Degree and releasing debut EP ‘Feel My Love’ – 21 year old Megan Buckley aka Megzz is on a mission.

So what is there to know the about fresh Oxfordshire songstress whose single ‘Love Tonight’ has garnered support from a host of online magazines and blogs as well as being picked up by BBC Introducing?

“I’d say I’m quite creative,” Megzz begins modestly, “I get carried away and caught up with my thoughts and imagination, you could say I’m a bit of a daydreamer! It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even feel myself if I’m not creating something whether that’s writing stories or music – it’s a big part of my personality.” And creating she has been, working throughout 2019 on her debut EP which was released during the final week of the year.

“Feel My Love is the first real body of work I’ve put out there. After the release of single ‘Comfort Zone’ I began writing other songs and when I heard ‘Feel Love’ together with the first release, that’s when I decided I wanted to make an EP, it would be the first time I’ve put myself out there and opened up.”

As the EP title suggests, Megzz songs are about Love in its various forms but it’s not just the romantic type that she focuses on. “I didn’t want to concentrate on romantic love, I wrote the songs at different periods in my life and when putting them all together for the EP, I realised that romantic love wasn’t the only type of love we feel and we shouldn’t be putting it on a pedestal. After that realisation and with under two weeks before the EP was due for release, I wrote and recorded ‘Ready’ which became the first song. ‘Ready’ was more about self-love and worth. I have to say though my favourite song is ‘Love Tonight’ as that’s more about love for your friends and how they’ve shown you love in return.”

With a run of shows in the earlier part of 2020, it seemed the year was gearing up to be an explosive one for Megzz before the global pandemic hit and halted all plans for promoting the EP.

“I really miss performing, it helps me and I feel like I’m helping others when I perform and share my music. It has been difficult on my motivation and mental health as I rely quite heavily on structure and routine, so to combat that, making a timetable for each day and having little goals – whether that be finishing a song or making plans for a video – really helps me. It’s not an ideal situation for anyone but at least I can pick up my guitar, which I’ve been playing since I was six, when I start feeling emotional and start being creative all while staying home and keeping everyone safe.”

It seems that emotions play a key part in the penning of her material, “I’m pretty emotional, it’s probably my biggest strength and my biggest weakness! If I wasn’t so emotional I wouldn’t be able to write the in the way that I do, but emotions can definitely get in the way as well as passion. If there is something, a cause that I care about, I put my mind and energy to it.”

Recent worldwide events has seen the compassionate young singer become a catalyst for change, notably with the Black Lives Matter movement and in light of the horrific killing of yet another American black man – George Floyd.

“As a young girl in the UK, I’ve been feeling very helpless and outraged about the injustice we are facing every single day – helpless as to how I can help. With COVID-19 (here) it’s difficult for everyone to safely attend protests; and to those who are I stand with them. For those who can’t, I’ve actually taken it upon myself to create the ‘Racism Is On Your Doorstep Movement’. This is dedicated to promoting ways in which we can take action from home. Every Wednesday evening at 8pm for 9 minutes, we are encouraging people to protest from home on their doorsteps and post it all over social media with the hashtag #onyourdoorstep or #racismisonyourdoorstep. It may not be a lot but if clapping for our carers can go viral and unite the UK, then we need to show the same solidarity for Black lives.”

Not only will Megzz be supporting the BLM movement but also the efforts of War Child with a live stream performance on 16th June to raise money for the COVID-19 pandemic, “…it’s for a great cause so I’m really pleased and happy to support their fundraising.”

When not caring for others, studying, writing or being an activist just how does Megzz wind down and chill? “I listen to a lot of Soul/RnB music. Works by Kehlani, Jessie Reyez, Jhené Aiko, Mahalia…they all inspire me and all for different reasons from performance, vocal ability to lyricism.

The album I’ve had on repeat for much of lockdown is by Kiana Lede – she definitely deserves more credit than she gets – or if I’m having a particularly bad day, ‘Speak’ by Jhené with the singing bowls is really soothing.”

So as lockdown slowly lifts and the UK starts to get on its feet again Megzz just can’t wait to get out and about performing to her fans, “it feels like to could be a long way away but I’m really looking forward to getting back to normal or whatever that is going to be. Just being able to sing again at concerts and festivals, but even if I can’t do those, just getting out into the park and having a sing-song will make me happy. I really have to say a big Thank You to my fans and everyone who has been supporting ‘Feel My Love’ it really is appreciated.”

‘Feel My Love’ by Megzz is available now to buy from all major platforms.

To get involved with the ‘Racism Is On Your Doorstep’ movement follow; Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Don’t forget Megzz will also be doing a live stream for War Child on 16th June 2020.

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