Tale of Two Release 4th single – Demons

This Friday, 3rd April, Tale of Two release final song 'Demons' from their debut 4-track EP 'Angels and Demons'. 'Demons' rips the bandaid off a mollycoddled society, who, spoon-fed lies of utopia from birth - ultimately rage against the machine till the end. "...Swallow the lies of the lullabies, sweet melodies keep you blind...what is... Continue Reading →

M. Ward To Release 10th Album 'Migration Stories'

M. Ward, whose 10th album 'Migration Stories' will be released on 3rd April via Anti Records, has established himself as one of modern American music’s most unique and versatile voice, previously working with Norah Jones, Zooey Deschanel, Mavis Staples and countless more. The 11 track album features a collection of songs inspired by stories of human migration. Dream-like in narrative, the songs are birthed... Continue Reading →

Plastic Barricades – Optimist

The year 2020 just seems to have started off on the wrong foot, with negativity being spritzed all around like bug-spray, it's hard to stay positive but finding this track by Plastic Barricades in the Musicvein inbox is a breath of fresh air. 'Optimist' - released last month and taken from their forthcoming album 'Self... Continue Reading →

TikTok users unearth the old and flying under the radar artists

My daughter is an avid user of TikTok, forever throwing shapes in the mirror, perfecting routines those in the Hype House have created, but perhaps what makes me laugh the most is when I sing lyrics to the songs she's busting a move to. "How do you know that song?" followed by a perplexed look... Continue Reading →

Ted Jasper teases new EP Equinox with single – Heavy On My Heart

London based musician Ted Jasper released latest single 'Heavy on My Heart' featuring songwriter and producer Alyss. Taken from forthcoming EP Equinox, queued for release April 3rd, the single 'Heavy on My Heart' fuses chilled house and down-tempo beats with the opulent voice of Alyss. Of the track Ted says; “I went through a phase... Continue Reading →

ABBA Gold The Longest Running Album in the UK Top 100

Eminem's Curtain Call might have made it to 400 weeks in the UK Top 100 Album Chart - but which album actually tops the list with a whopping 932 weeks? The answer would be Gold by ABBA. Notching up the equivalent of 17 years the album sits just ahead of Legend by Bob Marley which... Continue Reading →

Eminem's Curtain Call – First Rap Album to reach 400 Weeks In The UK Official Album Charts

Released in 2005, Eminem's Curtain Call - which for all intents and purposes was his first Greatest Hits album - went on to become a UK number one album for 5 weeks. Since 2017 Curtain Call has not left the UK Top 100 Album Chart and has become the first Rap Album to reach the... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Still Here For You!

"It's a mad world out there!" I say as I sit typing away my message to you dear readers. "With uncertain times ahead be sure that, while I have internet access, Musicvein will continue to provide you with Music News, Opinions, Reviews and updates on all the New Music hitting my inbox - of that... Continue Reading →

Shaun Escoffery on New Album 'Strong Enough'

With new album 'Strong Enough' now rescheduled for release 3rd July, Shaun Escoffery talks about his creation. Through his album, Shaun aims to fight the stereotypes associated with toxic masculinity by showing both strength and sensitivity in his music in equal amounts. He explains: “I grew up practising boxing and martial arts, which is an arena... Continue Reading →

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