Pongo – Uwa

When genres frenetically collide, a mephistophelian tryst ensues - and that's what we have with Pongo's latest release 'Uwa'. Taken from the Angolan-Portuguese artist's EP of the same name, the title track, meaning 'step' in Angola’s Kimbundo, sees Pongo interlacing the language with English lyrics to great effect. Filmed on location in Dakar by French... Continue Reading →

Sheddy Maria – High Life

Fans of Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie will adore Birmingham singer Sheddy Maria as she releases latest single 'High Life'. Taken from upcoming project Queendom, an album created by a collective of women, shining a light on their creativeness and power. Since her debut single 'Too Familiar' back in 2019, Sheddy's created a wave of excitement... Continue Reading →

Review: Mampi Swift ft Juliette Ashby – Come With Me

Towards the end of 2019 Drum n Bass veteran Mampi Swift released LP Victory Rose - Chapter One. A decade in the making this labour of love quickly climbed the DnB charts to the coveted number one spot and it's not hard to understand why. Featuring high-octane pulse injections like Freebass, One Finger, Gangster, Massacre,... Continue Reading →

Gig Review: Ka Safar at More Coffee Live

Looking forward to escaping the humdrum of Christmas music, Musicvein headed over to More Coffee last Friday to find out what Ka Safar was all about. A quick Google search yielded a couple of YouTube videos but nothing much, so in terms of expectation I didn't really know what to expect, except it would be... Continue Reading →

PlayaFool by Shakewell

Shakewell Here to shake-up your Monday is new single 'Playafool' by Montana six-piece Shakewell. Groove along with this vintage throwback to the likes of Sarah Simpson, Gi Gi and O D Williams, for a blinding 4-minute funk-fest. Musicvein is excited to hear more in 2020 from Shakewell, a band keeping a toe in past decades... Continue Reading →

Review: Mellow Baku Live at More Coffee

Mellow Baku & Jon Read @ More Coffee by Musicvein More Coffee, a small barista house in the heart of Melton Mowbray, now serves up a special kind of brew in the form of live music. Leicester singer/songwriter Mellow Baku was first to spread her cosmic blessings upon the house, with a blend of Jazz,... Continue Reading →

Crowd Company – Express 76

Now this is a lively and heart-racing track for a bleak Monday Morning! Crowd Company's latest single 'Express 76' featuring Ryan Zodis & Eric Bloom from funk-band Lettuce, serves up a groovy instrumental tour de force. London-based 8 piece band Crowd Company provide a modern take on vintage funk & soul. Brimming full of energy with a raw edge,... Continue Reading →

Review: Kanye West – Jesus Is King

Having just released his 9th studio album, Kanye West, the man who is no stranger to controversy, has divided opinion not only with 'Jesus Is King' but his decision to only make Christian music going forward. So just what was it that had people, particularly the Christian community, up in arms? Musicvein had to listen... Continue Reading →

Hector Mario ft Alejandro Irizarry – Se Parece a ti

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYtgaKNCkYo What's not to love about this Reggae summer jam by Hector Mario and Alejandro Irizarry. The video shot on the beautiful west coast of Puerto Rico (Playa Jobos) works in harmony with this song of unrequited love. Musicvein caught up Hector and Alejandro (childhood friends) about their collaboration. Musicvein: Hector! What a great debut... Continue Reading →

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