Review: Wake Up Again by Aura Davis

Barely a breath taken since her last single drop and Aura Davis is back with new song ‘Wake Up Again’.

Ever since her debut single ‘Secrets’ in 2020 followed up by ‘Keep Running’, Aura has done just that in running through the minds of listeners in 2021 with song after song release.

Now this is not a criticism by any means, more awe of her musical dexterity and stamina in keeping the momentum up.

You’ll notice that her current releases are all coming from a place deep within, Aura’s eloquence in penning the mental struggles one can deal with on a daily basis; anxiety, obsession, depression, stress – isn’t something that you speak/write about and it goes away, it’s a constant battle but through psychotherapy (and this is what her songs seem to be) the anxiety can be eased.

‘Wake Up Again’ focuses on how one can daydream to forget reality, but once awake will try to pretend everything is fine with a smile, head held high and not letting feelings show.

Released last week ‘Wake Up Again’ by Aura Davis is available to stream/download on all major platforms.

Let me know what you think?

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