Sunny Ozell Talks Overnight Lows

Last week I received an exciting phone call from Americana sweetheart Sunny Ozell, talking about her new album ‘Overnight Lows’, due for release February 2020.

Last time we had a conversation, Sunny hinted that her next album would be full of originals and may take on a different approach to the debut. Musicvein was eager to hear first-hand all about it.

“Well…erm this album is still very much in the Americana vein but it is a bit darker than the last one and that is probably an impossible thing to avoid considering what has gone on in the planet since we last spoke.

You know, it’s very distressing to me seeing this social injustice, the very fabric of my Country being put through the fucking shredder and I’m tired you know. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, it’s distressing and impossible for the situation not to seep into my work. So to me this record is political and a response to some of the things going on, that said, I’m not sure if that is something that people would pick up on – I try to write in such a way that it allows a listener to come to their own conclusions of what they’re hearing – I like to leave it open ended.

But the record is all original material and I had a lot of fun making it! We started off with a band camp – my husband and I had a rental home in LA, so I invited the band to come and stay over, and you know for New Yorkers to stay in a house with a pool was dreamy! We moved all the furniture out of my living room, set up shop writing, playing all day and bouncing ideas from off each otherit was great! Then in my own private time I wrote the lyrics and melodies to sit on top of those instrumental beds.

I feel the last few years has been so extreme, it’s forced a lot of us to come to terms with things in our lives we no longer want to carry around, we want to have less burdens you know – it’s time to clean house and if the planet is on fire you better make sure your house isn’t on fire and I think that, that influenced my personal growth and my work. I certainly wouldn’t have made this new record four years ago, I’m a different person now, I’m a different woman.

Just as Sunny was explaining her growth as an artist, she let’s out a shriek! I’m on the other end of the line and have no idea what’s going on! All I can hear is “Oh my God!” followed by another shriek and expletives! Finally a laugh…I just had to get a bug out, a wasp was in the room, I hate them so much! He’s under a glass now!

Phew, that could have been worse and that was very swift action I must say – now where were we? Nope that train of thought has gone, so Sunny onto something lighter, tell me who you’ve been listening to lately?

“Erm, still many of the same folks, oh wait this is a funny one – I have just found Brandi Carlile! I mean, Holy Holy Shit! It’s like I’ve had my head in the sand this whole time, she’s amazing! I also like John Hiatt‘s most recent record and Oh my god, Robyn! There’s a song on her record I could listen to all day called ‘Ever Again’, Oh man I highly highly recommend it.”

Finally when can we expect the new album?

“That will be 28th February next year and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! Keep an eye out on my Instagram IGTV.”

Overnight Lows can be pre-ordered now (see link).

Let me know what you think?

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