Emily Eavis Wins Outstanding Contribution at Women In Music 2019 Awards

Emily Eavis won the Oustanding Contribution Award at this years Women In Music 2019 Awards, but urged the industry to help more women.

During her speech, the Co-organiser of the Glastonbury Festival, said “We’ve come such a long way, in the ’90s there was really only one other woman in the industry. Our phone was in the kitchen, and we had so many calls all the time, loads and loads of agents, mostly these big, old school men…Emma Banks was the only female agent. There was just nobody else. I grew up thinking the industry was one woman and loads and loads of men!”

Imploring the industry to do more, she went on “Even the really grumpy male agents and promoters I work with are acknowledging that we do have to make that change, We’re getting there. Festival line-ups are almost 50/50 but we’re not there yet. The topic is out there and people are really consciously booking these bills and we’re making a difference. It’s not just us, it’s the A&R, radio, TV, everybody getting on board, it’s a collective effort from everyone in this room.”

Other Winners at the Women In Music 2019 Awards included;

  • Music Creative – Camille ‘Kamille’ Purcell
  • International Woman Of The Year – Zena White, Partisan Records MD
  • Businesswoman Of The Year – Radha Medar, Metallic Management
  • Campaigner – Olga Fitzroy, SelfieLeave
  • Rising Star – Tiffany Calver, BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra
  • Inspirational Artist – Louise Wener, Sleeper
  • Music Champion – Annie Mac, BBC Radio 1
  • New Artist Award – Freya Ridings
  • The Company Awards: Diversity In The Workplace – Universal Music UK
  • Heulwen Keyte – Agent | UTA
  • Colleen Maloney – Director of Communications | Domino
  • Kate Alderton – UK Finance Director | Warner Chappell Music
  • Polly Comber – Creator/Director | Black Fox Management Ltd
  • Remi Harris MBE – Creative Business Trainer & Consultant | Remi Harris Consulting
  • Lorna Clarke – Controller | BBC Pop
  • Gee Davy – Head of Legal & Business Affairs | AIM
  • Nicola Spokes – UK Label Head | Caroline International
  • Dorothy Hui – VP, Digital & Audience Development | Sony Music UK
  • Semera Khan – Creative Director | Polydor
  • Lucy Noble – Aristic & Commercial Director | Royal Albert Hall
  • Frances Moore – CEO | IFPI

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