Reading Festival’s Slap in the Face to Women

The Reading/Leeds Festival has come under fire recently after revealing the final lineup for their 2020 summer festival.

The male heavy headline includes Stormzy, Liam Gallagher, Migos and Rage Against the Machine – but on the headline bill every day, only ONE female appears.

The lucky winners being Lady Leshurr, Mabel and female fronted band Bloxx – a total slap in the face to all women in music vying for change.

This is in no way shape or form buying into the Keychange initiative by the PRS Foundation which called for Festivals to have a 50/50 gender split line-up by 2022.

Emily Eavis’ speech at the Women in Business Awards 2019 echoed the call for change and pledged that Glastonbury Festival would be working towards equal billing.

So, what happened with the Leeds/Reading Festival? surely they could have rounded up more than the overall 20 women they managed to book.

Speaking to the BBC last year, Melvin Benn said that the lack of women at festivals was due to their touring schedules! To which I call bullcrap!

There are a whole host of female artists out there readily available to play and whom would have been worthy to join Lady Leshurr, Mabel and Bloxx.

Now these 3 – maybe more Leshurr and Mabel – have to represent hard for the women in the industry! It just feels like we’ve gone back several decades and until more people speak out and YES that does include the support of male artists – nothing will change.

On the flip-side this could be a great Marketing ploy for Reading/Leeds…create a predominant male line-up to get the women and LGBT buy-in and the guys will follow? Who knows? Tickets go on sale today.

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