Sunny Ozell Talks Overnight Lows

Last week I received an exciting phone call from Americana sweetheart Sunny Ozell, talking about her new album 'Overnight Lows', due for release February 2020. Last time we had a conversation, Sunny hinted that her next album would be full of originals and may take on a different approach to the debut. Musicvein was eager... Continue Reading →

Review: Sunny Ozell – Driving Highways

Sunny Ozell takes everyone to church with ethereal, gospel-tinged track 'Driving Highways', from forth-coming album 'Overnight Lows' due out in 2020. The album, written by Sunny and a community of New York Village musicians, Andy Hess and Ethan Eubanks who worked on her debut as well as Adam Levy and Jason Blynn with sounds inspired... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Sunny Ozell – part 2

In part one of my interview with singer/songwriter Sunny Ozell, we heard about her process for choosing the songs on debut album 'Take it With Me', her love for T Bone Burnett and in particular the song 'Kill Zone'. Today we go on to talk more about the album, the musicians she works with, next... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Sunny Ozell – Part 1

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful singer/songwriter Sunny Ozell. Touching down in London from New York, highly caffeianted and severely jet-lagged, the super trouper still look time out of her busy schedule to talk about debut album 'Take It With Me' and up-coming tour with Teddy Thompson. In part one of this... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Sunny Ozell – Take It With Me

American classically trained vocalist Sunny Ozell released her debut album 'Take It With Me' recently and I must admit it's one that's really grown on me. When I listen to an album of re-worked songs it's a difficult one to review, you have to consider whether or not the artist has really grasped the idea... Continue Reading →

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