Sunny Ozell Live Acoustic EP – Out 17th July

Sunny Ozell announces her new acoustic EP – Live At The Village, out 17th July, along with first single from it ‘Hammer and Nail’.

Comprising of four songs lifted from her ‘Overnight Lows’ album released earlier this year, as well as a cover of Los Lobos’ ‘The Valley’.

Speaking of the album Sunny says, “When I’d finished making ‘Overnight Lows’ I’d thought I was done probing these particular songs, but in taking another swing at some of my already completed tunes I was reminded that we’re never really “done”, and that it can be a total pleasure to keep exploring and expanding.  

It was such a joy to return to The Village recording studios in Santa Monica late last summer to track some acoustic versions of a select group of my songs. I’d thought I would come away with some stripped down “coffee house” kinda takes on the material; “acoustic” has often meant to me “soft” or “delicate”. But what these two days of tracking produced was something of a surprise:  genuine re-imaginings of the songs themselves, albeit performed by all-acoustic instrumentation.

The first single from the EP, ‘Hammer And Nail’ takes its title and meaning from the Staples Singers song of the same name. The most overtly political song Sunny has released, the track is an acknowledgement that change will ‘…take more than a hammer and nail / to keep the peace and finally tip the scales’, and instead emphasizes the importance of change from a local level.

Let me know what you think?

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