Emmanuel Nwamadi – Misconceptions and Truth

In 2015 Emmanuel Nwamadi secured his spot on BBC's The Voice, the show that would radiate his talent to some 8.5 million viewers. The UK press herald him as having a 'soulful voice' likened to 'Seal' and 'Barry White', but the artist himself felt otherwise and rather misunderstood. Taking a few minutes out of his... Continue Reading →

Mario Christmas by Mario Biondi

The picture perfect Christmas scene is snowy-clad with rosy cheeked people trudging around in the snow, delivering presents and spreading Christmas cheer - but here Mario Biondi turns that all upside down with his Mediterranean sunshine filled album that takes the cold out of Christmas but maintains the glow in our hearts. With funky 60's vibes... Continue Reading →

Mario Biondi – A Handful of Soul

ALBUM OF THE WEEK:  'A Handful of Soul' by Mario Biondi & the High Five Quintet may not be his latest CD offering but still holds its weight as one of the best Latin Jazz albums of 2006. If you were to listen to the platinum-selling album now in 2013 with fresh ears you would... Continue Reading →

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