10 Times Artists Went Sparring: Round 3 – Carole King Vs Neil Sedaka

Over the last few days Musicvein has been looking back over the songs that created a rumbling in the charts between artists. We've heard of Frankee vs Eamon and Bo Diddley vs Muddy Waters - today on Cupid's day we look at the yearning of Neil Sedaka on 'Oh Carol'. Said to be written about... Continue Reading →

Charlie Leavy in conversation with Musicvein

I first heard of the talented, up and coming Charlie Leavy when I reviewed her single 'The Way Life Is' for website Chartburst. What captured me about this young lady was the powerful thought-evoking lyrics she wrote set against the delicate simplistic backdrop of acoustic guitar, the youthfulness in her voice but her acute social... Continue Reading →

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