Decca Records Lead The Way With Shiro Alga Carta Packaging

In Decca’s 90th year, the historic label still paves the way for change in the music industry with innovative new production technologies. The packaging for new album, 'Our Planet' due for release on 5th April, is made from ecological material - algae and FSC fibres. Shiro Alga Carta, has been developed as a way to reprocess... Continue Reading →

Decca Records & Netflix Collaborate On New Original Series ‘Our Planet’

On 5 April, Decca Records/Universal team up with Globe, Netflix and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to release the powerfully moving soundtrack to the upcoming series, Our Planet. A poignant exploration of the current issues facing the sustainability of life on earth from the creator of Planet Earth, the new eight-part Netflix original documentary series has been made in collaboration with Silverback Films,... Continue Reading →

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