Lady Leshurr interview part 1

When it comes to tongue-in-cheek lyrics, feisty female attitudes and raw talent, no one fits the bill better than Birmingham’s, 23 year-old, MC Lady Leshurr.

Currently holding her own in a hugely male dominated arena, Leshurr’s quickly becoming one of the UK’s leading female MC’s – watch out Ms “Dy-na-mi-tee”!

Musicvein recently managed to pin-down the whirlwind that is Lady Leshurr for this 2-part interview about her journey and latest mixtape.

MV: Being one of the leading female Mc’s in the UK, do you find this daunting or a challenge that you are willing to face?

“I find it quite flattering when people say that, simply for the fact that it’s not something I wanted or tried to be so it’s really appreciated. I don’t think too much into it being challenging because my whole mentality could change.”

MV: You have done some great collaborations in such a short space of time, who would you like to work with next?

“I would love to work with Lil Wayne, Adele, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran – they’re all individually incredible.”

MV: How did the Mindless Behavior track come about?

“It was set up by my booking agency William Morris, which I’m grateful for. Those guys (Mindless Behavior) are so talented – it was a pleasure working with them.”

MV: Your Music videos are wacky – a bit like Missy Elliot’s and Timberlands from back in the day, did they have an influence on your music?

“Of course! Missy Elliot is a Legend! And Timberland is one of the greatest producers in history. I love their connection and how they used to make ‘movie music videos’ which we are lacking these days – that is what I’m trying to bring back.”

MV: Speaking of your own influence on people and with Birmingham being notorious for knife and gun crimes, how will you use your influence to combat that?

“Birmingham crime has actually decreased within the last year which I’m thankful for. I just want the youths to be careful and more constructive with their lives as (I believe) there is a successful path for everyone. I have always said that I would want to open youth centres for kids – I’m sure most of the trouble is caused due to boredom. A majority of the youths in Birmingham are Mc’s/Rappers so it would be great to have a place where they could record (music) for free – as studio time is quite expensive.”

MV: How well did you do at school? Were there any lessons that you paid particular attention to?

“I was a good kid at school. I paid attention to Music and Theatre, that was what I enjoyed the most and I’m glad I took those courses because they have helped me get to where I am now.”

MV: You seem to have a strong sense of business – Congratulations on setting up your own label – did you study Business & Economics for this or did you just do it?

“No, not at all! I truly do believe that you do not have to study anything to become great at it. If you are the chosen one then it comes naturally and you are born with it. I never force anything – I do things because I love doing it and have passion. Promoting my material/merchandise and setting up my label is natural for me because I love to make things happen.”

MV: What sort of artists will you be looking to take on?

“At the moment I’m not signing anyone. The label is just there to release my music independently. When I finally get to a position where I feel comfortable to start signing artists I will. I already have my eyes on a few and they actually happen to be from Birmingham too!”

MV: And finally what advice would you give to people wanting to make a break into the Music Industry?

“I would say only do it because you’re passionate about your art, not because you think it could possibly pay your bills. You have to have a strong heart and mind in this industry. Be prepared for Ups and Downs – you need to be mentally and physically ready.”

In part 2 of the interview Lady Leshurr speaks about her mixtape “2000 and L” and has a surprise in store for her fans! Make sure you bookmark Repdat next week for more!

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