Just The Two Of Us by The Thomas Brown Affair

The Thomas Brown AffairWhen I came across this album “Just The Two Of Us” by Kenny Thomas and Wayne Brown – collectively known as The Thomas Brown Affair I wasn’t prepared for what I would hear. In truth, on reading the track-listing I wasn’t impressed, simply thinking that they were re-hashing old classics, I couldn’t see what the pair would be able to bring to the songs which hadn’t been done before – but boy was I surprised right from the get-go.

Just listening to Kenny’s fine-toned voice in perfect pitch and harmony with Wayne on the piano, you remember why Kenny Thomas was such a huge success back in the 90’s.

Over the years I’ve heard various interpretations of the albums songs ‘He Aint Heavy‘, ‘How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You‘ & ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word‘ each former artist using the songs as a statement piece of how well they can perform. There have been some good examples – but what we have here from Thomas & Brown is the songs stripped bare. The bare minimum of instrumentation means the listener has the opportunity to really focus on the lyrics and meanings of the songs, just as the original composer intended.

“Just The Two Of Us” is a sophisticated offering, laid back and jazzy. ‘Georgia On My Mind‘, ‘Overjoyed‘ and ‘Just The Two Of Us‘ three of my all time favorite songs are so euphonic – I just have to have them played on repeat! Whether it be the samba sound of the latter two songs, or just being swept along by the duo, this album does not disappoint.



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