Getting To Know Jake Allen

Jake Allen is a name you just may start to hear a lot of as this rising UK singer and producer is doing magnificent things and still only 20!

Take a listen to his latest track Start Stop due for release 3rd May

Jake took 5 minutes out of his hectic schedule to answer a few questions for you readers…

Jake AllenMusicvein: Hey Jake, loving the track ‘Start Stop’ it’s got that lazy summer vibe going on! Tell me about your influences and how they’ve influenced your style?

JA: “My main influences came from the golden era of music. I listen to a lot of Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Larry Graham, but I also really respect artists such as Jamie Cullum, David Gray and Bruno Mars. I’m a real believer in the old school way of the industry. I feel that if you’re going to create music, write or perform you’ve got to be able to do that yourself – that’s when you become an artist. All of the above perfected their craft across every aspect. They had a vision and made it happen – I dig that. I too want to create the music I want to create and with real instruments too! You know, people say that the digital age has helped the industry but I would have to go against that, I don’t think there’s anything better than listening to real instruments put together and tracks on vinyl!”

Musicvein: At 20 you’re still so young, so how did it all begin for you?

JA: “It began fr me around the age of 7. I remember walking past a music shop near my grandparents house and in it was a beautiful Spanish guitar above the register. As you do at that age – I begged and begged my mother to get it for me every time we walked past, then one day while walking past with my Granddad he agreed to get it for me! From that day on, every spare minute I had, I was playing on it, learning chords and putting simple patterns together. I even wrote a track the day I got it home!”

Musicvein: Wow that’s some dedication! And so how long have you been in the business?

JA: “It’s really all I’ve ever known to be honest. I’ve focused on music my whole life and have always known that this is what I wanted to do. If you’d have asked me when I was younger what I wanted to be when I grew up? I would have told you I wanted to be on stage in front of loads of people, playing my songs – today the dream is no different. I just want to make a change to the way people look at music.”

Musicvein: So you play the guitar, do you play anything else?

JA: “I do, yeah! I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to instruments too. I like to play all the instruments on my tracks myself as I find it hard to get across to others all the crazy ideas going on in my head – it’s pretty manic up there! It’s not unusual to find me locked in my studio learning a new instrument at all. In addition to the guitar, I play bass and drums and have now started with the piano and synth. I write with the piano now, it has such a beautiful and innocent sound – there’s nothing you can’t do on piano!”

Musicvein: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

JA: “That would be playing on the same stage as my biggest idol, Prince.”

Musicvein: And the best place you’ve played?

JA: “The London Hippodrome was cool but I loved the Tentertainment Festival too.”

Musicvein: Nice one! Ok so tell me how you get creative for your music?

JA: “Well a nice piano, bottle of Corona and some tortilla chips normally do the trick! I’m a weird one! I could be in the shower and suddenly an idea smacks me in the face! I have a real terrible memory so there are times where I’ve had to run out of the shower just to jot down ideas! I’m also always whistling and tapping beats out, which drives everyone around me insane! I try to keep my music as real to my life as possible though. I observe life around me and draw from that. A lot of my tracks focus on the struggle I faced while my parents were going through a divorce – it wasn’t pretty, but I hope it helped me to make music that people in a similar situation could relate to.”

Musicvein: Tell me about the new track ‘Start Stop’

JA: Start Stop is one of the rare tracks that isn’t exactly written about my own experiences. It’s influenced by relationships but focuses mainly around that feel you get on a real nice summers day. I wanted to create something you could jam and bop to but also something that was real, it had to have that old school feel. Start Stop is a track I hope people can listen to in the summer while cruising around in their MK1 Capri (or similar) with the roof off and windows down – that’s the kinda vibe I’m aiming for.”

Musicvein: Well I think you definitely nailed it in that composition. Now if you could sing/play alongside any artist from the history of music who would it be and why?

JA: Prince! Without a doubt! I have so much respect for him as an artist, he did things his way and kept true to the music he wanted to create. He’s an incredible guy.”

Musicvein: So where can people catch you playing live this year?

JA: ” I’ll be playing all around London this summer! So do keep checking my website for all the latest updates

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