Rapper Nines New Video Hits 235K Views in 3 Days

Last Friday pioneering entertainment platform SBTV premiered the video ‘Can’t Blame Me’ by North West London rapper Nines. Within 3 days following a rush of fans watching the video, viewings reached a staggering 235K!

Nines also released his latest mixtape ‘One Foot In’ – again a frenzy of fans eager to get their hands on the free download caused the rappers website to crash!

Speaking exclusively to SBTV editor Ash Houghton about the event Nines says “It’s crazy, I’m glad the streets are liking it…The next tape is called One Foot Out…about new paths in life. Hopefully I’ll be rapping about doing shows by then, but we’ll see.”

Ash Houghton reflected on Nines‘ mixtape success stating: “What we’re seeing with Nines right now is the true definition of organic engagement. While the industry increasingly attempts to think of new ways to lure listeners in and share their products, this North West Londoner barely tweets the link to his project once and causes an online frenzy. While many onlookers would question his decision-making in regards to allowing the project to be downloaded for free with such an engaged support-base, this unfiltered, straight to consumer approach is likely to pay dividends in the long run.”

Nines mixtape One Foot In is available for download from www.icecitynines.com

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