Introducing Dojo

Formed in 2014, Dojo are a collective of jazz and reggae musicians from London, Paris, Nigeria, and Lebanon.

Their music is a celebration of the rich heritage of African, European, and American music, with lyrical content featuring up-to-the-minute political and philosophical observations from a combined Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Atheist viewpoint. Explorations of joy, despair, human nature, and the reality of living on the breadline in a world city, are underpinned by an overriding theme of harmony and spiritual connection between all living things.

Signed to BBE Records, Dojo are Ben Cormack, Robin Porter, Connor BaileyAlex Wheeler, Mileva Corenthin, Ollie Haycock, Comfort Emmanuel, Marwah El-Murad, jazz soloists Rosie Turton (trombone) and Simon Dennis (trumpet). Their 2014 debut EP ‘Descry’ is a blend of jazz and soul on a bedrock of roots reggae and afrobeat.

Dojo’s debut album ‘Gaia’ is due for release this year.


Let me know what you think?

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