LAOISE Collaborates with Christian Tierney on New Music Video ‘Rich’


Irish electro-pop singer LAOISE has revealed the official music video for her track ‘Rich’, taken from her second EP, due for release in spring 2018.

The haunting new video was directed by Christian Tierney (who discovered James Bay, worked with Demi Lovato, Connor McGregor and more) and sees LAOISE enter an almost trance-like state as she is corrupted by material objects and wealth.

Speaking of the music video, LAOISE says, “I worked on the ‘Rich’ video with Christian Tierney, which was my second time working with him, and he really brought what I had in mind far beyond anything I could have envisaged. The song is about a love that’s been compromised for possessions, and how easy it was for money to gain control over their mind. You can see this in the video where certain materials and surroundings can quickly alter personality and behaviour and with every new material someone owns, the more superior they feel.”

Christian says, “I was really excited to collaborate with LAOISE on this video to help bring the story to life. We really see eye to eye visually so it was such an effortless and enjoyable process. We wanted the video to have a dream-like feel which allowed us to get really creative with lighting and camera movements. I wanted the camera to move as fluidly as possible and for it to feel like one continuous shot until the cuts start speeding up with the music towards the end of the video.”

The single follows her critically-acclaimed debut EP ‘Halfway’ and sees LAOISE move on from her previously referenced halfway recovery and re-emerge with uncompromising strength, having honed a more mature and nurtured sound.

LAOISE dissects her own experiences with an impressive honesty. She was inspired to write ‘Rich’ following a relationship which had been compromised by money and the negativity surrounding that. The track presents smooth, haunting vocals, underpinned by dramatic brooding electro-synth beats, all wrapped up with an edgy renewed energy.

Taking her cues from the silky production of acts like NAO, Melanie Martinez and Skott and incorporating elements of synth, indie and alternative, she was brought up on a diet of theatrical, iconic pop – and deeply inspired by household names like Kate Bush and David Bowie – setting her in good stead to create the startling, sparkling pop she presents to us today.

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