CUTS Shares New Video ‘Here To Nowhere’ with an Important Environmental Message

Anthony Tombling Jr aka CUTS

Composer and Film-Maker Anthony Tombling Jr aka CUTS has released a second video from his upcoming debut album ‘A Gradual Decline’.

The video ‘From Here To Nowhere’ shows a diver swimming through a sea of plastic waste. Set to a sparse composition which intensifies as the ecosystem explored becomes more contaminated, the video is eye opening and disturbing to watch.

Talking about the video CUTS explains; “This was the first piece I wrote for the album. I watched British diver Rich Horner‘s powerful and devastating film of him diving in a sea of plastic and felt inspired to write something to it. It was the catalyst I guess for the rest of the album and its themes. Rich kindly gave his permission for me to use the film. I’m sure a lot of people have seen it, but if more people end up watching it as a result of this, then that can only be a good thing.” 

The album ‘A Gradual Decline’ addresses the planet’s current fragility using actual field recordings of ice collapsing from glaciers. Weaving these momentary, dramatic events directly into the DNA of the music, CUTS has sculpted rhythmic elements out of geological transformation. “We are living in an age of the Anthropocene and it feels like everything is in decline, we’re in a moment where extinction is regular. I wanted this record to reflect these frailties.

My only musical influence on this was William Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’. Not the music, but the process. The idea of a decline in sound really suited the concept of this record. All this music and instrumentation trapped in this declining digital signal. I wanted it to sound brittle and precarious. I also wanted to avoid doing overly dark material, opting instead for something that was more fragile, melancholic and even hopeful in moments.”

A Gradual Decline will be released on Friday 30th November on Village Green Recordings.

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