NME Awards Turns To Shambles As Slowthai Sexually Harasses Host and Attacks Audience Member

The NME 2020 Awards turned to shambles last night as British rapper Slowthai sexually harassed host Katherine Ryan on stage before going on to attack a member of the audience.

In footage released online, the Reading and Leeds Festival headliner can be heard taunting comedian Katherine about being jealous, before forcing her to smell his cologne while forcefully groping and kissing her in front of a shocked audience.

“Baby girl I don’t want to have to do this to you right now…” he slurred addressing the audience he continued “…everybody she needs to understand the levels right now…” before returning his attention back to Katherine; “If you wanna do something, see me later!”

The five minute altercation continued even after the rapper was removed from the stage – with lewd comments being spewed back to the host, who bravely and calmly retorted to sarcastically accepting his advances before giving him the ultimate put-down to a round of applause.

Slowthai then proceeded to attack a member of the audience after the microphone he threw into the crowd was thrown back on stage.

Viewers and host Julie Adenuga were left horrified and wondering where on earth the security team was! Julie several times calling out for help on what to do as the incident unfolded, it was clear that a contingency plan had not been created for such matters.

Taking to Twitter later, Katherine Ryan attempted deal with the situation in her own comedic way – which hasn’t gone down well with the Twitter-verse and out-raged women in general.

See the footage below, how does this make you feel? Join the conversation

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